Tuesday, 4 December 2018

ChampCalc Scientific Calculator v5.42 Cracked APK

ChampCalc © Scientific Calculator – is a powerful scientific calculator which supports large numbers with an extreme precision. The calculator supports up to 100 digits of significant and 5 digits of the exponent and detects repeating decimals.
  • The calculator fully supports complex numbers in a rectangular and polar form. Complex numbers can be used in expression, functions, and interfaces. • The calculator contains many functions such us mathematics, trigonometry, logarithms, statistics, percentage calculations, base-n operations, scientific constants, unit conversions and more.
  • Includes a fully integrated programmer’s calculator that supports binary, octal and hexadecimal numeral systems. The calculator performs logical operations, bitwise shifts, and rotations.
Editing the expression in a convenient and clear way by multi-line expression editor, and customizable syntax highlighting.
Using ChampCalc Scientific Calculator is simple and convenient, thanks to the friendly and intuitive user interfaces. And not less important, professional and aesthetic look with a full customization of high-quality themes, syntax colors, button resizing and much more.

ChampCalc Scientific Calculator Feature:

  • Multi-line expression editor, syntax highlighting
  • Supports large numbers and extreme precision
  • Supports up to 100 decimal digits of significant
  • Complex number expressions are fully supported
  • Rectangular and Polar of complex numbers
  • Math, Trig, Logarithmic, Statistics and more
  • Binary, octal and hexadecimal numeral systems
  • Logical operations
  • its shifts and rotations
  • Statistics calculations by stack entries
  • Trigonometric functions with complex support
  • DMS supports (Degrees, Minutes, Seconds)
  • Percentages calculations inside the expression
  • Using parameters inside the expression (PRO)
  • Quick navigation in expressions history
  • Angular mode: Degrees, radians, and grads
  • Configurable number format and precision
  • Fixed, scientific and engineering mode
  • Scientific notation sign inside the expression
  • Using 300 scientific constants [CODATA]
  • Conversion among 600 units
  • High-quality themes and expression color sets


  • Advanced settings dialog box
  • Intuitive interface for keeping values
  • Intuitive interface for keeping expressions
  • Statistical calculator with stack entries
  • Scientific constants arranged by subjects
  • A result dialog box with expanded options
  • Share menu and clipboard options
  • Advanced angular unit conversions dialog box
  • Extended user guide


What’s New In ChampCalc Scientific Calculator v5.42?5.42?

  • Bug fixes
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